Planet Rock’s ‘Ones To Watch’: Edenthorn

This week we’re shining the Ones To Watch spotlight on Durham based rock and rollers Edenthorn.

Edenthorn are Kyle Tague (lead vocals), Dylan Gardner (guitar), Faiba Gabrielle (bass/vocals) and Mark Tague (drums).

There are close-knit bands and then there’s Edenthorn. As well as consisting of two sets of siblings (brother and sister Dylan and Faiba, and brothers Kyle and Mark), Kyle and Faiba are also partners. Bolstered by these strong connections, the Durham quartet a highly-polished musical outfit as typified by excellent current groove-driven single ‘The Unknown’, which was played on Wyatt’s New Rock Show this week. Embracing the quiet/loud dynamic, Kyle’s Weiland-esque drawl is complemented perfectly by harmonious backing vocals from Faiba as they deliver a song packed with infectious riffs and imbued with an overtly positive message.

“The song is basically a realisation that through all the good and bad that has happened in our lives, we’re grateful we still have one,” explains Kyle. “We still have a heart beating in our bodies, we still get to live and breathe and we still exist in this world. It’s about the attitude that, no matter what happens, nothing is more important than that fact, that we’re still alive and still have a lot to live for.”

Just like its Kerrang! Radio premiered predecessor ‘Mind Like A Minefield’, ‘The Unknown’ is a perfect introduction to Edenthorn’s second studio album ‘Exist’, which was unleashed to the world in April. Throughout its 11 tracks, the eclectic album is a beguiling listen and showcases every side of Edenthorn’s art.

Faiba explains that it’s very much in keeping with the band’s ethos: “Our main aim is to make sure that our listeners never get bored. There is nothing worse than listening to an album where every single song sounds like the song before. We don’t like to stick to musical trends, we just like to write good honest music from the heart. We strive to keep the listener entertained, and to take them on a journey with us through our music.”