North East England based rock quartet Edenthorn have gained an extremely loyal and ever growing fan base since the release of their debut album ‘The Maze’ in 2015 through extensive touring around the UK, solid memorable live performances and a personal and direct connection with their fans. The bands live shows are an interactive and engaging experience that is both fun/friendly yet focused/passionate. Their upbeat, anthemic, positively charged, sometimes intense Rock N’ Roll captures the hearts of Rock, Hard Rock, and even Metal fans of all ages. 

“Live shows are what we love best and what we work so hard on perfecting! If you were to come and see us live expect a raw, honest, never boring, fully live and tight rock show.”

Now with their second full-length album EXIST, brothers Kyle (Vocals) and Mark (Drums) and brother and sister Dylan (Guitar) and Faiba (Bass) reveal an outstanding mix of massive rock riffs, melodic melodies, infectious choruses and a solid rhythm section that’s already accumulated many devoted fans around the globe. 

April 2018 saw the band release their second full-length album ‘EXIST’ – whose lead single ‘Heart’s Still Beating’ was reviewed by Mick Burgess (Fireworks Magazine) as “The best song you’ll hear this year”, whose second single ‘Mind like a Minefield’ made Johnny Doom of Kerrang! Radio an instant fan and whose third single “The Unknown” was playlisted on Planet Rock’s ‘New Rock Show’ for 3 weeks. 

Throughout EXIST, Edenthorn offer their own non-generic twist on all things Rock by delivering huge guitar hooks and making use of vocalist Kyle Tague’s unprecedented vocal range. The albums ballad and fourth single, ‘Power’ is well named, but even on this energy-enriched track the four-piece know how to wind down the gears and be more reflective before putting the pedal to the metal. There is plenty of breadth and room for variety without sacrificing the unity of the album. Prepare for a storming, stomping big finish with Speak To Me, a slow burner which sparks into a firestorm. No apologies. No compromise.

The excellent current groove-driven third single ‘The Unknown’, Embraces the quiet/loud dynamic and Kyle’s Weiland-esque drawl is complemented perfectly by harmonious backing vocals from Faiba as they deliver a song packed with infectious riffs and imbued with an overtly positive message.

Mainly on the strength of their memorable live performance, Edenthorn have built up a strong following up and down the country, which in turn seen them play to a sold out audience at The Cluny, Newcastle, in March 2018. Following their sold out show, they bagged a support slot with Lightning Seeds at Northumberland Live Festival in June 2018 which seen them playing to a crowd of over 10,000. In 2019, the band came third as Planet Rocks ‘Best New Band,’ following this they confirmed their slot at Planet Rockstock playing alongside bands such as Uriah Heep, The Quireboys and Last in Line. April 2019 seen the band be shortlisted to play at Download Festival 2019 and in May 2019 they bagged the support slot for Terrorvision’s sold out show in Blackpool and were also asked to be local support at The Cluny Newcastle for 90’s grunge rockers, Candlebox. In 2020, through public vote, they came second as ‘Best New Band’ at The Planet Rock Awards. They secured a slot at Planet Rocks Winter’s End festival as well as SOS Festival, Dementia Aware Fest, Wildfire Festival and Planet Rockstock where they will open up on the main stage. Most recently, the band were crowned winners in Classic Rock Magazines ‘Track of The Week’, with their new single ‘A Matter of Opinion.’ In December 2020, the band announced their second new single ‘1993’, which on the day of release was named as Rush On Rocks ‘Red Hot of The Week’ and has since received national and regional airplay. 

Forming Edenthorn in the North East, UK, in 2013, all four members began their musical journeys at very young ages, initially finding inspiration in bands such as Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Guns N Roses. “When we first started writing, we just wanted to piece all elements of our influencers together in one. The heaviness of Nirvana, the lyrical genuineness of Pearl Jam, the melodic tones of Foo Fighters and the attitude of Guns N Roses,” says bassist Gardner. “When it came to picking a band name, unbeknown to us, Kyle had already came up with one years before we had even met! When he suggested EDENTHORN, we all knew instantly that it was a perfect representation of our music as the name has two sides to it, just like our music. EDEN being the melodic, harmonious, colourful and calm side and THORN being the dark, instense, powerful and bad-ass side.”

In their energetic stage presence and dynamic appeal, Edenthorn have demonstrated a natural command of large crowds. “Our main aim is to make sure that our fans never get bored. We don’t like to stick to musical trends we just like to write good honest music from the heart. We strive to keep the listener entertained, and to take them on a journey with us through our music.”

Edenthorn are to release a succession of new music in the coming months, with a new album in 2021.

It’s a driving, throbbing, life-affirming slice of hard rock goodness.”
– Antony Collins , BBC TEES (18th December 2017)

“This is very good, reminds me a little bit of Biffy Clyro, it’s got some Queens of the Stone Age guitars going on as well.
– Johnny Doom, Kerrang Radio (17th April 2018)

“This may well be the best song you’ll hear this year”
– Fireworks Magazine (1st June 2018)

“Packed with infectious riffs and imbued with an overtly positive message.”
Scott Colothon, Planet Rock (13th June 2018)