Edenthorn – 1993: New Single

After hitting us firmly with A Matter Of Opinion single, Edenthorn follow up with another new song entitled 1993.

Geordie quartet Edenthorn reveals a new song 1993 as the latest single from the band’s forthcoming new album which is set for release in 2021. Completed during the second wave of lockdown, 1993 is set for release on 18th December 2020. It might be one of their most punchy, melodic tracks and seemingly light-hearted in feel, although the outro lyric “It was a simple time, with simple things” has taken on a new sense of truth in these current times.

1993 is available to pre-order on Bandcamp right now, although we’ve had a preview on loop for a few days and its become a bit of an earworm.

Edenthorn 1993

This track isn’t a dedication to 1993. It is more about looking back at simpler times…” says vocalist Kyle Tague. “It just happened that 1993 sounded good when sang and a lot of cool stuff happened in that year! Lyrically it’s one of the quickest and easiest songs I’ve ever written.”

It’s a brilliant slab of country-tinged bluesy rock. It could even be ‘rawk’ with some searing soloing oozing from the guitar (must be an axe in this case) of Dylan Gardner. Bassist Faiba Gabrielle revealed to us: “We made it accidentally by messing around… Kyle said “right Dylan play some 90s sounding chords” … he did and then Kyle sang stormy weather 1993…We left it for months and then went back to it when we listened to the practice recording back.” Worked a treat!

The opening confessional “stormy weather, I remember nineteen ninety-three” makes sure we know that Edenthorn can swagger and strut with the best of them. Do you remember where you were? Maybe not having a “Siamese dream” or saddled with no bills or kids or mortgages LOL. A simple time with simple things and one that oozes five minutes of cool vibes and a feel that conjures up those Nooo Joisey cowboys, Jon and Richie cruising the desert on their steel horses.



1993 follows the previous release A Matter Of Opinion which is still receiving worldwide national airplay and was recently crowned Classic Rock Magazine’s ‘Track Of The Week’. Don’t be surprised to see 1993 afforded the same status.

Pre-Order 1993 HERE  /  Listen To A Matter Of Opinion HERE

Edenthorn has been keeping busy during the lockdown, preparing a number of new releases that will be launched in the coming months. As well as confirming a slot on the bill at Dementia Aware Fest 2021 in Birmingham and a main stage position at Planet Rockstock 2021, the band are also hoping to be premiering a special acoustic performance of 1993 live from their YouTube Channel in December.


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