Edenthorn – The Noise In My Head: New Single

Edenthorn continue their run of classic and classy rock singles as The Noise In My Head gears up for release on 18th June 2021.


Following on from the mighty swagger of the 1993 single (our feature) the band who have an aptitude for tunes with attitude post their latest offering. By now, you may have a rough idea of what to expect. We’re promised a punchy new tune that “everybody should be listening to at FULL volume to drown out the NOISE and escape into some of the best new music at the moment.”

To nick a phrase or two from the lyric, life must go on, and despite the war outside the door, what better soundtrack to grant us something uplifting and drown out the fear and dread. Love that guitar sound that shifts from foot pedal frenzies that bookend the track to sustained and dirty clumps and of course a power-picking riff. The complaint that so much might be wrong gets countered with a tremendous chunk of sleazy rock. Along with the brilliant 1993, things are stirring in the Edenthorn camp. The 18th June will see all revealed and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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Meanwhile – for anyone who’s been paying attention to the At The Barrier coverage of Edenthorn, will be intrigued to hear that bassist Faiba, uses a pick on this track. Wonder what the heck we’re talking about? Read Faiba’s Ironing It Out #1 article here.


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