Single Review : Edenthorn – ‘The Noise In My Head’

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e In My Head’


Review by Paul Monkhouse for MPM

This North Eastern quartet are seemingly intent on conquering the hearts and minds of all those who like their guitars loud and their songs anthemic.

The latest in a long line of skyscraping blasts to the stratosphere, ‘The Noise In My Head’ is a melodically jammed wonder that brings their muscular hard rock into irresistible orbit around your consciousness and into your brain.

Even though there are definite echoes of bands like Alter Bridge here and whilst comparisons can be used as a handy reference point, there is a definite spin on what Edenthorn bring to the table, the grittily stylised lead vocals of Kyle Michael Tague backed by the sweeter g of bass player Faiba Gabrielle, their two voices bringing fire and honey in perfect balance.

Dylan Gardner meanwhile, peels out the arena sized riffs as Mark Tague lays down some city block flattening beats, all four members clicking together in a groove that has all the heaviness, power and hooks you could ever wish for.

Seldom has a song been so aptly titled as, once heard, this is going to be the noise inside your head for many days to come. Something as addictive as this should come with a government warning.

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