8.4 Overall Score

Edenthorn, Exist

Why aren’t more people listening to Edenthorn? That was my first reaction when I started listening to the Durham outfit’s new album, Exist. I couldn’t comprehend why more people weren’t listening to this amazing band, this incredible band. So I’m here to get the word out, because if ever there was a reason to listen to this alt-rock quartet, it’s their new album…

It opens with Out Of The Dark, a song that’s easy to connect to, with its smooth vocals from lead singer Kyle Tague and Dylan Gardner’s invigorating guitars in support. It’s catchy, and bodes well for the rest of this record.

Hearts Still Beating and Power are more dramatic, and clean-cut, getting to the core of what Edenthorn are about. Mind like a Minefield and Live in the Now have more of a punk tone, and carry the characteristics of true bangers: they’re heavy, toe-tapping and quick. It’s not just the music that’s weighty either; it’s the emotion too. But whilst the tone at times may be tender and thoughtful, the music remains gripping and invincible.

Where Did You Go is a lighter and more hopeful tune, and Speak To Me is brings the record to a smooth and calm conclusion. If you haven’t listened to Edenthorn yet, then there’s something missing from your playlists.

Exist is out Friday 20th April.